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Mon at 4:14
She doesn't have access to those secret Disney injections that make 32 year olds look like they're sixteen.
Mon at 5:33
What's that, the blood of virgins?
Mon at 5:48
Hello all!
Mon at 13:50
Thanks for the welcome- glad to be on board!
Mon at 13:52
Downloaded the game earlier for the first time. Tried the tutorial, I got out of the hangar on the 2nd go, but darn, haven't learned how to turn the ship around and make it go where I want it to.
Mon at 13:53
In other words, I'm glad that I've picked this up early, otherwise I would be well behind at game launch.
MagiK a
Mon at 14:05
T/F I wouldn't worry too much, Squadron 42 will be out before you have to worry about the PU and you will have plenty of time to become aquanited witht he flight mechanics.
Mon at 14:08
Oh yeah! I'd completely forgotten about that- the small trailers look great.
MagiK a
Mon at 14:13
SQ-42 is really why I got involved int he first place, the PU was a happy side benefit :sick:
Tue at 20:20
Just asking, what's the latest with Operation Pitchfork?
Tue at 23:38
I have no idea, but I love that people have registered Orion mining ships on their official asset roster.
Tue at 23:39
Also, thanks for reminding me to check it out and sign up. I never got around to it.
Wed at 0:45
i'm not entirely sure i even figured out the specifics of what pitchfork will entail
Wed at 0:46
Sounds like: invade Vanduul space, blow up their ships, steal their gear, capture some war prizes.
Wed at 3:21
eat bacon
Wed at 3:57
it's basically take back Armitage. And eat bacon, as Wainaa pointed out. the official motto is, of course, "GET THAT BACON"
Wed at 7:02
Wed at 7:30
Vanduul taste like bacon.
Wed at 7:31
Explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly eat what no man has eaten before.
Wed at 8:15
Or the gender-neutral version -- what no one has eaten before. ... Do Vanduul have gender?
Wed at 10:38
I don't know.
Wed at 10:57
All the bodies recovered have been male.
Wed at 10:59
They've got children and parents, so I guess they've got females hidden somewhere.
Wed at 15:33
Wed at 16:20
The males and the younglings are tastier.
Wed at 16:52
Theory on the Vanduul: They are a species that changes gender during their lifetime. They go through four stages of life, the larval worker stage and swarm stages are the most numerous and are gender neutral. If they survive their swarm stage they reach the breeder stage, (approximately 10%) and start dumping down more larval workers. Of the breeder stage, only 0.1% becomes the patriarch stage. They are highly intelligent and direct both the larval workers (to build things) and the swarms (to acquire) raw material) Pre-space flight their numbers were kept in check with inter-tribe warfare.
Wed at 19:35
Wouldn't mind tasting Vanduul. Question is, do they eat humans?
Wed at 20:10
What would Vanduul taste like- white meat or red? Anyone seen what colour their blood is?
Thu at 6:45
I imagine like fried eel.
2 hours ago
Dat Reliant doe.
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