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Sat at 17:39
Hilarious... fixed black load screen and mucked up button text by selecting "English" in advanced settings. :sick:
Sat at 17:40
mulling over a mustang purchase... beta or gamma... hmm
Sat at 17:41
Yeah, you get to play for spans of around 25 min now before they restart the server
Sat at 17:41
yup, read about that
Sat at 17:41
I get in about every third time I try after the fixes they presented
Sat at 17:42
The closer to the hour and half hour I try, the better luck I have
Sat at 17:43
Tried my first flights yesterday. Both racing and v swarm. I am a Derpy pilot.
Sat at 17:44
Have not played AC for a good while, and now the ED controls I got used to have made me really, "really" bad and flying in SC lol
Sat at 17:44
Yeah mine was the opposite. Going from SC back to ED...Drone sim seems to be locked to only the Avenger at the moment
Sat at 17:48
So assuming one has poor flying skills, is there a way that one can still contribute ? And typically how long would an average pilot take to destroy 5 swarm ships ?
Sat at 17:49
By the time I finish wave 5 I usually am at 12-16 minutes...depending on the ship I fly
Sat at 17:49
some ppl are more into working on a multi crew ship when they come available, but we got a lot of time to hone our skills.
Sat at 17:49
And I am not a dogfighter
Sat at 17:50
Thanks D-Ozzy. I hope to be signing on as a crew plenty.
MagiK a
Sat at 19:53
Don't like being a dog fighter? Fly a mutli-crew ship or sign on as crew. I have far far more multi-crew ships than I do single seat jobs :sick:
Sat at 23:20
Very new here, trying to follow the Join instructions from the RSI forums as best I can. :sick:
Mac aa
Sun at 0:28
Hello and Welcome
Sun at 0:45
One step at a time ... :sick:
Sun at 0:52
Welcome, Ms Witch.
Sun at 2:46
hello world
MagiK a
Sun at 18:37
Hello Rodar, the World said it was busy and asked me to pass on the greeting :sick:
Sun at 23:29
First time on the Brown Coat chat! Glad to join in. Been having difficulty getting into AC at all... Got in twice and flew my new Mustang around the easy race course... It's much more nimble than my Hornet! LOL!!
Sun at 23:58
try exactly on the hour.
Sun at 23:59
Everything is more nimble than a Hornet. ... well, maybe not everything.
Mon at 0:46
Kind of afraid to see in 2.0 what my Connie handles like :sick:
12 hours ago
Probably heavy, lumbering, and makes most fighters keep a wide bearth, :sick:
MagiK a
12 hours ago
So how goes the latest Flightsim release of SC? Still noo time to mess with it, but one of these days :sick:
12 hours ago
Played a bit last night :sick: was actually pretty great - definitely some improvements
12 hours ago
though as it stands the misiles are a little overpowered
MagiK a
11 hours ago
Typically getting hit with a missle is a day ruining event...
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