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Mon at 9:55
Mon at 10:10
Mon at 10:10
you didn't miss much
Mon at 10:10
good post :p
Mon at 10:11
I think it was my fault for using the term "Firetrail" in my first post. Space is a vacuum. I should have made more of a reference to it being a light source instead. Where the "hotter" it burned, the stronger the light it would emit.
Mon at 10:11
The simple term seemed to upset some realists.
Mon at 10:11
there are alot of them on the RSI forums
Mon at 10:16
but they seem to be more and more bitchy lately as well
Mon at 10:26
Mon at 10:26
I posted again, and included my sandsausage threat.
Mon at 10:27
haha i noticed that
Tue at 6:07
heya everybody!
Tue at 6:28
Tue at 23:06
hello all
Mac aa
Tue at 23:20
Hello and Welcome
Wed at 0:19
Hello, Is there someone I can talk to here?
Wed at 0:33
I'm the ambassador from ReddFaction, here to establish diplomatic channels. I can't access your forumns.
Wed at 2:13
Hi all.
Wed at 3:42
Wed at 5:45
anybody on?
Wed at 5:57
Wed at 6:12
holy crap. somebody is on
Wed at 6:32
Wed at 8:40
MagiK a
21 hours ago
hi guys just dropped in to let yall know Im still alive, just kinda busy at present
MagiK a
21 hours ago
I already replied to the EmeraldEnd's request for Contact info and alliance....with our standard "No thanks at this time"
21 hours ago
Good to see you still alive then :d
19 hours ago
As our resident redditor I passed along the message to EmeraldEnd on there as well
15 hours ago
We are all alive... just not here daily :)
MagiK a
37 mins ago
Thanks Skylead :) Hope all is well with you guys,
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