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Tue at 17:05
Who, and thats my job!
Tue at 17:06
Bioware development team
Tue at 17:06
Oh go ahead
Tue at 17:06
I'll tell 'em that Dalai Lama is visiting the ISS and lure them there.
Tue at 17:06
When they get there, I'll open the door.
Tue at 17:06
I don't see how that wouldn't work.
Tue at 17:07
Sounds like a plan
Tue at 17:07
Can't leave all the spacings to you. You're a busy man :)
Tue at 17:08
:d good point, I need to get some more time in AC at some point as well while trying to space all of the Goons before launch
Tue at 17:09
I tried the single player missions in Elite Dangerous
Tue at 17:09
Man... I'm much better in AC :d
Tue at 17:10
I just ended circling around aimlessly and jousting
Tue at 17:11
Ok now I have an image of a Hornet strapped to a Horse for some reason...
Tue at 17:11
Brb, I think I smell burning food
Tue at 17:11
Tue at 17:15
1. Ok Not quite the image. 2. Only half burnt
Tue at 17:16
For some reason I couldn't find a picture of a hornet actually riding a horse.
Tue at 17:17
I did however find a picture of a lion riding a horse
Tue at 17:17
but that's even more unrelated.
Tue at 17:17
That will serve
MagiK a
Wed at 12:52
Im pretty sure thats photoshopped :) a Lion is rather a heavy burden and that horse isnt looking like it is under a load
Wed at 21:11
Actually it's not photoshopped MagiK. It's notjust lion but tigers to.
21 hours ago
all the cool cats are doing it
14 hours ago
Patch 12.5 released
14 hours ago
It's about a gig
14 hours ago
made it to wave 15+6. Whee.
14 hours ago
I was missing a part of my ship after wave 15 and was on my final life. I was surprised I even made it to wave 6 of the 'second round'
8 hours ago
7 hours ago
heh, another riding lion, in a car this time
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