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Aug 23, 16
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Zero-G.
Aug 23, 16
Yep, I'm still here :)
Aug 23, 16
Pick up the private chat, please.
Aug 23, 16
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Zero-G
Aug 23, 16
Aug 23, 16
And I've accepted you on the RSI site, Zero-G.
Aug 23, 16
Good morning guys :)
Aug 23, 16
Hey. You'll want to monitor the RSI chat and our Discord channel (which is pointed to by the message at the top of the RSI chat); not a whole lot goes on here other than the forums and recruiting.
MagiK a
Tue at 13:23
Soon though....I hope SQ42 will go live then look out :)
Sat at 7:03
hey all
Sat at 9:56
Sat at 13:30
how goes it?
Sat at 18:37
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, FireDweller and Nova Highwind
Sat at 18:58
thanks Op
Sat at 19:50
I don't mind your abbreviating my id at all, but I suggest SO rather than Op. The latter has another meaning often used in gaming ...
Sat at 19:52
Two meanings, actually
Sun at 5:17
Thank you. I look forward to fun around many suns
Sun at 5:47
Hello FireDweller
Sun at 8:37
Hello Nova or Moebius or whatever you're calling yourself -- you are accepted on the RSI side. Wainaa will be along to promote you to captain and give you your digital welcome goodie basket.
Sun at 10:05
Thank you. It would be MobiusZero in game.
Sun at 13:55
Welcome aboard Nova
Sun at 23:52
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, Jotow
19 hours ago
Thank you
18 hours ago
Welcome to the Brown Coats of Star Citizen, LT Hawkeye
13 hours ago
11 hours ago
Thank you all. I am at work currently, but when the community is on, does the TS server tend to get traffic?
11 hours ago
did the change work?
11 hours ago
nope, says my name changed in the setting, but not on the forum
9 hours ago
HA-HAAA! it changed
3 hours ago
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