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Sun at 20:39
10 ft? wow. OK.
Clovis aa
Sun at 20:40
yeah it was like some sort of environment bug where he started walking slowly and just drifted in one direction
Sun at 20:40
When I'm done looking, I'll test that. This is so cool ... :sick:
Sun at 20:56
Heh. Looking up also triggers floating. The floating is interesting (for me) -- it was along the periphery of the pad, along the railing in fact. But the only thing I could affect was my orientation. Nice view, though.
Clovis aa
Sun at 20:56
I got back in my ship and took off, but the cabin doors were still open :sick:
Sun at 21:30
Whats the new teamspeak server and password info?
Sun at 21:31 / skywalker <== I believe, anyway. Haven't been on in a while.
Sun at 21:32
ok thanks!
Mon at 18:05
*Runs through the chat with a bonnet and a tray of brownies "You'll never take me alive, though perhaps still without a graphics card" *That was your monthy ammount of Karrde, leave a message after the scream...*
Mon at 18:35
For pete's sake Karrde. Next time, wear some pants.
Mon at 18:36
pants off dance off
Mon at 21:45
*blinks* What has been seen, may never be unseen.
Clovis aa
Mon at 23:18
I'm thinking about getting another ship to use strictly as a Brown Coat support vessel
Clovis aa
Mon at 23:18
I'm thinking about the Cutlass Red
Mon at 23:37
I've a cutlass red, Their okay model-wise. Honestly I'd suggest waiting 24hrs to be sure you want to spend money on it, or wait till the game goes live to get one.
13 hours ago
Just melted my Connie Andromeda package for a Retaliator.. Can't decide if I regret it already or am excited! Any opinions on here either way?
13 hours ago
No need for regrets :sick: Retaliator is pretty darned sweet.
11 hours ago
The thing I'm most anxious about is that the hard points are all manned / turrets. I'm hoping I can put some class 2's on there like the Connie
11 hours ago
The soundtrack actually changes when you space-walk. The first time I discovered it, I just floated around for a good thirty minutes chillaxing
11 hours ago
Sorry, that was a response to something a day old. My chat hadn't updated yet >_<
11 hours ago
The Reta is going to be an awesome ship. With enough modifications lying around in your hangar, it could truly be a ship for any mission.
11 hours ago
Interesting about the soundtrack changing! Glad to hear the feedback on the purchase too :sick:
11 hours ago
I'm hoping we can get the crew requirements down by using AI controlled class 4 turrets.
11 hours ago
I know it's not likely to be as good as having NPCs or players in manned turrets, but hey, lower upkeep :sick:
10 hours ago
I think you can't make class 5 turrets into automatic turrets; you can only assign them to NPCs
10 hours ago
Would you be ble to mount class 4s on the c5 hardpoints? I think I read somewhere you can put a lower class on a hardpoint but not higher
10 hours ago
I have read that, but I don't know how current or correct it was. It would be... interesting, and useful, if that were the case.
8 hours ago
Back in the days there was talk about AI handling class 5s with proper upgrades. But that was over a year ago and I doubt that even CIG remembers what they've said about it.
8 hours ago
I think you're thinking about size, you can put weapons of any lower size on a compatible mount. but the classes are specific to the type of hardmount, and are not really on any sort of scale, so you'd have to specifically look those up, they're aren't any general rules about classes really
Just now
I am so giddy about the Gladiator. The fact that we'll have a two-seat ship prior to 2.0 makes me very /very/ happy. And I own one!
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