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Tue at 17:42
Hello all.
Tue at 17:42
Tue at 17:53
Tue at 18:09
Now I'm having the problem with my axes. I check them before I go in, and I still get weirdness when I get in-game. W
Tue at 18:09
When I hit the throttle, it also activates the vertical strafe, making me hit the ceiling in the race start.
Tue at 18:10
Also get some roll without rolling...
Tue at 18:10
Anybody else have weird control issues lately?
Tue at 23:22
not THAT weird
Tue at 23:22
the ships don't seem to automatically adjust vector as fast without boost now, with comstab disabled
Tue at 23:22
it's really wonky
Wed at 3:37
I had one of those deal with the ship suddenly deciding it wanted to strafe -- fast! -- to port, in addition to any other control input. This happened shortly after I had implemented Voice Attack (but not right away, so I'm not sure it was related). I exited completely from SC and VA, restarted both, and all seemed OK.
MagiK a
Wed at 15:07
ok things work now....weird.
Thu at 7:50
Morning peeps! Not much time here but I am rather anxious to get my application approved. Senior Operator, my answer to your quesion is in the application.
MagiK a
Thu at 13:15
What's the rush? Game wont go live for quite a while :sick: But we generally get applications processed pretty quickly.
Thu at 15:30
Who wouldn't be in a hurry to get their brown coat and join this merry band?
MagiK a
Thu at 15:31
Thu at 21:07
G'day, new to the brownshirts, thanks for taking me on guys
Thu at 23:14
Welcome Supastew. But be careful, we are the Brown Coats, not shirts. Brown Shirts are something else entirely:
Fri at 4:55
23 hours ago
"new to the brownshirts" - and now there's coffee on my keyboard
MagiK a
23 hours ago
Bo Brown Shirts round here. that went out with Nazi Germany
22 hours ago
Though I always get a laugh at Neo-Nazi's wearing brownshirts, the obviously never heard of the night of long knives
MagiK a
22 hours ago
yes history never the strong suit of biggots.
20 hours ago
In the Brown Coats we don't subscribe to fascist ideologies or WE TOOK POLAND IN 19 DAYS-- er, excuse me, we don't go for that sort of thing at all.
MagiK a
18 hours ago
18 hours ago
Well, that "REDACTED FPS Team Taking Over RSI" headline sure is misleading in the most horrifying way.
18 hours ago
CR of all people should really know better.
7 hours ago
FYI, Drake Herald sale starts Friday. $85.
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