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Thu at 10:03
I've had enough friends with messed up sleep schedules
Thu at 10:03
that it's always within 4 hours of when someone woke up
Thu at 10:03
so we always tended to use "good morning":
Thu at 10:03
regardless of time of day
Thu at 10:03
that said
Thu at 10:03
fair enough
Thu at 10:03
good evening to you. =P
Thu at 10:04
haha it's all good man
Thu at 10:05
Thu at 10:06
i always find other time zones intriqing
Thu at 10:06
predictions of the dogfighting module release?
Thu at 10:06
conservative estimate, within a month
Thu at 10:07
I say June
Thu at 10:07
My friend says october lol
Thu at 10:07
if you noticed in the reveal video last weekend, he first said "in a week or so" and the said "end of april/beginning of may"
Thu at 10:07
he is probebly right
Thu at 10:07
Thu at 10:08
I'm pretty sure if it goes past may people are going to start flipping tables
Thu at 10:08
Thu at 10:08
at that point they're polishing it for press coverage, and denying us the alpha test access we bought
Thu at 10:12
i think it'll be august
Thu at 10:13
what a depressing conversation
Thu at 10:13
needs me some pew pew
Thu at 10:16
Are we all supposed to use now?
Thu at 10:17
? as opposed to?
Thu at 10:18
its weird its the same chat but not all the chats make it
Thu at 10:20
this chat is always a crap shooty
Thu at 10:20
if you want reliability, get pidgin or something and log into the RSI org chat
Clovis aa
2 hours ago
I'm playing in the Everquest Landmark closed beta this weekend. I'm on the Serenity server under the name Clovis
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