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Mac aa
Sat at 1:09
ahhh need to wake up Seinior Operator Wainaa for that . I will see 9if they are around
Sat at 1:10
ok, no big rush
Sat at 1:11
Thanks Mac
Mac aa
Sat at 1:17
They are not on atm. but I think they look at " Roll Call" forum for names of people that are serious
Mac aa
Sat at 1:18
Saw your name in there so it is still open
Sat at 1:19
ok, just been awhile and I wasn't sure how long it normally takes
Mac aa
Sat at 1:19
usually pretty quick but as i said i think they accept by scanning roll call
Sat at 1:20
would you like me to submit my application on Roll Call then?
Mac aa
Sat at 1:22
Not an application per se. It is more of an introduction They have a template for you to copy and paste then fill out
Sat at 1:22
OK, not a problem
Mac aa
Sat at 1:23
Template is under Read this before posting
Sat at 1:23
ok thanks
Sat at 1:35
Completed, thanks
Sat at 3:12
The links were posted in your application here and it should send you an automatic email. Which it apparently either didn't or it got lost on the way. Anywho, I'll get you processed right away and thanks for you patience man :sick:
Sat at 3:19
Which reminds me. Mac, I haven't been receiving those automatic emails in the last... two weeks or so?
Sat at 3:19
So, basically, crap.
Sat at 3:22
And before you ask just to make sure, yes, I've got all the email notifications on for applications and the messages aren't in my spam folder :sick:
Sat at 3:27
email address change confirmation mails are coming in just fine.
Sat at 3:27
and now, coffee
Sat at 4:18
we love technology :sick:
Mac aa
24 hours ago
I just guided him through th procedure a bit. I think it was an oversight more than anything else.
Mac aa
24 hours ago
Roll call sign ins have been light since June 19th. You can see that by the dates of the posts. So I do not think there is anything wrong , you just have not recieved them because there have not been any.
19 hours ago
That's not it. I'm supposed to get an email whenever someone fills out a TGS application and when those get accepted, denied or when someone posts a message in one of them. When Joebagadounuts applied for instance, I didn't get an email.
19 hours ago
It's not like it doesn't happen sometimes anyway. Usually lasts for a while and then everything is back to normal. Intermittent issues are darned hard to track down.
19 hours ago
It's not a biggie. But I've sorta assumed that applicants also get an email when something is posted in the 'applicant discussion' part of the application.
19 hours ago
If emails are supposed to go out for those and they don't then it's an issue. Real active applicants will check back anyways and can see that they've got a message to read here on the site though.
MagiK a
18 hours ago
HEY MAC, Long time no see :sick:
MagiK a
18 hours ago
I see even Rock peeked in at some point in the recent past.
Mac aa
12 hours ago
Oh I usually am lurking here. I try to get in once a day at least. Although they usually are brief visits
11 hours ago
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