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Sun at 18:31
QuantumCatalyst, last I saw (about 10 days ago?), the inability to unbind controls was a known bug. The current workaround is to reset to defaults.
Sun at 23:14
was cool to see the guild send patches to CR. Is there a way for members to get one.
Sun at 23:17
It's the kind of thing where they take orders, then do a big batch. If they're gone, they may or may not do another batch -- but you might get lucky.
Sun at 23:18
ok thanks.
Sun at 23:18
Sun at 23:19
btw, I can vouch for the quality -- I bought one, and it's gorgeous. I bought 3 from CIG later -- and while they were nice, the BC one is much nicer (more vibrant colors, mainly).
Sun at 23:20
nice i like the ones i got from rsi. and i just got my pen and card set this weekend.
Sun at 23:20
Sun at 23:22
If Clovis doesn't have anymore, he'll know who to check with to see if anyone else does.
Sun at 23:22
... *any more*.
Sun at 23:23
ty no rush PU not out for year still
Sun at 23:24
True -- but I suggest checking quickly. It took quite a few months for this first set; I would not be surprised if they did not do another run for a long time.
Sun at 23:24
And ... "when they're gone, they're gone"; in fact, they might already be gone.
Sun at 23:25
well cest la vie
Sun at 23:25
MagiK a
Mon at 12:19
I have a few patches left, most have gone out as Promotional Items to CIG and other parties. Some will be used as rewards for guild/fleet events but a few can still be bought I suppose.
Tue at 17:42
Hello all.
Tue at 17:42
Tue at 17:53
Tue at 18:09
Now I'm having the problem with my axes. I check them before I go in, and I still get weirdness when I get in-game. W
Tue at 18:09
When I hit the throttle, it also activates the vertical strafe, making me hit the ceiling in the race start.
Tue at 18:10
Also get some roll without rolling...
Tue at 18:10
Anybody else have weird control issues lately?
Tue at 23:22
not THAT weird
Tue at 23:22
the ships don't seem to automatically adjust vector as fast without boost now, with comstab disabled
Tue at 23:22
it's really wonky
Wed at 3:37
I had one of those deal with the ship suddenly deciding it wanted to strafe -- fast! -- to port, in addition to any other control input. This happened shortly after I had implemented Voice Attack (but not right away, so I'm not sure it was related). I exited completely from SC and VA, restarted both, and all seemed OK.
MagiK a
20 hours ago
ok things work now....weird.
3 hours ago
Morning peeps! Not much time here but I am rather anxious to get my application approved. Senior Operator, my answer to your quesion is in the application.
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