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Sat at 19:46
yeah been looking at it for a while:)
Sat at 19:47
Should have known that you can actually read the topic on top of this chat :p
Sat at 19:49
shh don't tell anyone
Sat at 19:59
just won't connect, the phone may die if it continues in this fashion
Sat at 20:12
oh now you start working eh?
Sat at 20:13
I just saw an underwater bar fight
Sat at 20:23
...... would the winner like a new phone that does not want to work
Sat at 20:24
I'm sure that Val Kilmer already has a phone
Sat at 20:26
well can have a spare
Sat at 20:26
he can*
Sat at 20:44
I would open that but it's just ignoring it
Sat at 20:46
I bet you Val Kilmer didn't have an android phone in the 1980s!
Sat at 20:46
Dang. I'm off to bed. Laters.
Sat at 20:47
(Just like I'd bet you Christopher Lloyd totally did.)
Sun at 7:14
Val Kilmer as Doc Hooliday din't have an android or a blackberry. He had a huckleberry!
Sun at 18:35
day three of xmmp attempt, even after wumpies's help (who's name keeps changing to women's) just does not connect at all...
Tue at 0:09
Tue at 11:07
Hi All
Clovis aa
Wed at 11:05
Top Secret is one of my favorite B-rated comedies of all time :)
23 hours ago
Great movie, along with Repossessed.
23 hours ago
hey all, hows it going
23 hours ago
23 hours ago
que tal
18 hours ago
evenin all
14 hours ago
Howdy all.
14 hours ago
Howdy all! And remember, if at first you don't succeed... don't try skydiving.
9 hours ago
hullo there
9 hours ago
new patch files, check them out
2 hours ago
NIce work Lazer
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