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Fri at 5:35
^ This
Fri at 13:29
Fri at 13:29
Fri at 13:51
I'm sure I could pass a Turing test. No computer could possibly be this socially confused.
Fri at 14:38
Well, damn. That was supposed to be a mediocre joke, but only now noticing the context with the comment immediately before it? Now there's a GOOD joke. :sick:
Fri at 14:54
God that's an ugly emoticon.
Sat at 0:50
vanguard is purdy, though those intakes feel a little weird.
Sat at 2:22
and it costs more than I expected, presents me with a dilemma, haha
Sat at 3:57
new Vanguard owner here....MAX and Avenger got melted today.
Sat at 4:15
As cool as a Vanguard would look in the hangar, just not my role and I can't justify dropping $250 on a ship I likely won't fly much
Sat at 4:15
but it does look sweet
Sat at 4:15
and no way I melt any of my trucks to get it, heh
Sat at 4:16
I'm holding out to get a Reliant and the one big-money ship I might drop some cash on ... the Endeavor
23 hours ago
My cutlass now has achieved maximum overgimbal
22 hours ago
I'm pretty much done with getting ships now.
22 hours ago
My collection is as complete as it'll ever be.
21 hours ago
yeah, i think all the cash i have on hand needs to go into a new pc haha
12 hours ago
Yeah, I got the Vanguard since it'll be a combat ship with LTI, thus more likely to be put at risk and actually benefit from the insurance. Still have my DUR package, and my get one a starter package, just for the extra "free" NPC crew mate.
12 hours ago
I am probably going to cross-chassis one of my other fighters into one in the distant future. No position to buy into the concept sale, I'm afraid.
12 hours ago
11 hours ago
heh, I see it a bit, though the vanguard is less vertical. I'm curious though, besides room for mounting more weapons, would there be any reason for the vanguard to have all its aerodynamic surfaces extended in space? I would assume that once you left the atmosphere the first thing you'd want to do would be to tuck all those fragile bits away...
11 hours ago
It's obviously so you can say "Lock S-foils in attack position" before making your suicide run :sick:
11 hours ago
Well when you put it that way... complaint retracted :sick:
9 hours ago
Okay, so I just melted down my beautiful M50 to help pay for the Vanguard... I hope it was worth it.
6 hours ago
@Star Blazer: one thing to bear in mind, I was going to get some extra packages (3 of them) to have the NPC slots to ensure I could fly my Connie solo but still have full crew
6 hours ago
but that was before I found out CIG supposedly plans to offer additional slots all by themselves without having to buy a full package - so you can get the character slots for NPC's without buying packages to do it
6 hours ago
Might be moot anyway for me since I will be buying at least two more concept ships (a Reliant and an Endeavor) so I could just make em packages for $20 more, get the NPC and some extra UEC :sick:
3 hours ago
I do not believe they have promised that all concept ships will be available as packages. They have not always been, IIRC.
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