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Fri at 2:24
Indeed. Thank you! I've accepted you on the RSI side. No more hoops :sick:
Fri at 2:25
=P thanks partner
Fri at 2:25
Wainaa (another officer, but who lives in Finland) will be along to promote you to Captain (vs 'New Captain') and give you some virtual welcome gifts. But you need do nothing else.
Fri at 2:26
Also, one of the enjin mods *here* will flip the bit so your text appears brown ... and that may also give you access to some more forums here, not sure. But again, you've done what you need to -- the rest is just a matter of a day or so.
Fri at 2:27
Oh - and you're welcome.
Fri at 2:27
oh? o___O looks like drinks are on me if & when I get to meet you all at "Arc Corp"
Fri at 2:28
I'll take a looksy for that mod
Fri at 2:29
and I know you said 'YW" already, but def. thanks =D
Fri at 2:29
I don't know what the sched of the one here is, but it's usually done within 24 hrs or so. W typically gets on about ... lessee ... about 0430 Zulu on week days.
Fri at 2:30
Happy to help. Seriously. We're not actively recruiting -- but when someone who fits finds their way here, we're happy to accept them.
Fri at 2:30
that would def. fit with the finland to where im at time frame lol, that'd make it about 2130 over here =P
Fri at 2:31
Yeah -- I gave UTC because I figured you'd be used to that. Had to think ... he's in Helsinki, and he's usually up around 0630 local weekdays.
Fri at 2:32
Helsinki is the same as Moscow time, fwiw. :sick:
Fri at 2:34
Fri at 2:34
trust me wherever im working there's usually a Zulu clock in the space haha
Fri at 2:35
I would assume so!
Fri at 2:35
I have to do it in my head ... sort of. Google Calendar has a nice world click lab addition, so I do have a reference.
Fri at 2:35
I'm US east coast (ET)
Fri at 2:42
whoever made it into the PTU look me up
Fri at 3:58
Beware of Finns bearing gifts - Old Russian proverb :sick:
Fri at 3:59
Fri at 3:59
Ah -- gifting our newest recruit?
Fri at 4:00
Fri at 4:00
Good. He's a good guy -- finished up here promptly, then popped over into chat and we had a good conversation (including Coolhand)
Fri at 4:02
I think the proverb might actually be 'Beware of Finns bearing satchel charges', but anywho.
Fri at 4:02
Fri at 4:02
I like that better.
MagiK a
Sat at 12:25
Hey guys, just popping in to say hellow
MagiK a
Sat at 12:26
and Hello too
Sat at 14:05
Hello back!
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Syndicate and Browncoat News

Here it is! The 2 hour long Gamescom presentation. Enjoy!

Gamescom: Social Module Demo

Clovis aa posted Aug 22, 15

Here is the Press version of the Social Module Demo released during Gamescom 2015

Gamescom: MultiCrew Demo

Clovis aa posted Aug 22, 15

This is the MultiCrew Demo put on for the press at Gamescom.

Star Citizen: Imagine

Clovis aa posted Dec 20, 14
This is the new official Star Citizen trailer created by user "years1hundred" in concert with CIG.

Here is the original version created by the same user. This is the video that got the attention of Chris Roberts and led to the creation of the new official video shown above.